ReefCause Partners with Coral Reef Alliance

ReefCause Partners with Coral Reef Alliance

Christina DuncanAug 4, '18
ReefCause is partnering with Coral Reef Alliance to assist the work being done to revitalize the Coral Reefs around the world.

Coral Reef Alliance ( is one of the largest groups who is focusing restoration in 4 key areas:

Healthy Fisheries for Reefs
Clean Water for Reefs
Intact Reef EcoSystems
Science of Adaptation

By partnering with local communities around the world, Coral Reef Alliance is making a huge impact on reef health.

Their keys to success have been in the following ways:

1. Science Steering Solutions - in areas of Hawaii, they have collaborated with the  local Universities, conducting dye trace studies which show the movement of waste water from cesspools to the ocean.

2. Partnering with Stakeholders - In Indonesia they implemented PhotoVoices which encourages locals to photograph issues they see in their communities.

3. Working with government to ensure policies support conservation.  In areas of Honduras, the government was encouraged to expand the Sites of Wildlife Importance which reduces fishing and enables the reef to thrive.