Our Story


We live in troubling times. It is imperative that we join forces and help our planet recuperate. Not just our human neighbors but the animals that call this planet their own require care and attention. It’s time we give back to the beautiful and fascinating creatures that call this planet home. 

Proceeds from our website sales go directly to the following 6 organizations and help directly in protecting the precious fauna on our planet.

The global pandemic taught us an important lesson. When left alone by us humans, the beautiful animals around us thrive. The solution to animal conservation is not locking yourselves in your homes. It is to be cognizant of our effects on nature and making daily efforts to try and make small but crucial positive changes. 


There are many organizations around us that strive to help animals and humans coexist harmoniously. And due to the lack of adequate government funding, they need our help. Our organization recognizes this and vows to donate profits to these organizations to try and make this planet a place we can ALL call home.

Nature is robust, yet delicate. Left alone, the harmony and balance established through millions of years of coexistence makes it a highly successful system. Introduce the human disposition of greed and over-exploitation and this balance is thrown.

It is time we take notice and work towards a more inclusive and holistic approach to our lives by taking into consideration the incredible creatures that live alongside us. You can make a small change today. Our organization has vowed profits to these organization to try and make a positive impact on our wilting ecosystem. Let’s join hands before it is too late.

Every day, we learn more about the extent of damage humans have collectively inflicted on nature. As disheartening and dire as it may sound, only we can change our ways and means.

In support of the brave warriors who have pledged their time and effort to try and inoculate the seeds of change, we pledge our profits to conservation. Organizations like the Sea Turtle Conservancy need all the help they can get to slowly manufacture change and try to restore balance.

The steady strangulation of nature cannot end well for us. We are already witnessing the impact of our greed on a global scale.  Every day, species die, never to be seen again. It’s time to stop the madness.

To try and make small changes, we have pledged our support to the warriors at these organizations, These brave people need our help and the profits we make will go to help and keep their cause running. Remember, every tiny bit helps.

As we wind down a traumatic year, we were reminded of the effects of human greed and folly. As animals flourished from the lack of human involvement, it became clear that our negligence is a big problem.

Animals around us are affected by pollution, deforestation, and vanishing ecosystems. The only change we can make in our everyday lives is to support the dedicated warriors who are on the front line. Our organization recognizes this and we pledge that our profits will support these organizations. Start giving back, it is time.



Every species on Earth is a product of millions of years of evolution and have gone through vast periods of change to adapt to the planet we call home today. This pristine ecosystem has undergone more damage in the last thousand years than the rest of time combined. We are witnessing a mass extinction and it is directly linked to human greed.

There needs to be a cognizant effort from us to try and negate some of the damage we have caused. Recognizing the need for change, we pledge our profits to the front line warriors of these organizations who strive for change. Every little bit helps.