(10) 8"x10" Amazing Zoanthid Prints - Cool Reef Inspired Saltwater Coral Prints - Zoanthids by Christina 2022


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This (10) set of prints is inspired from the work of Christina Duncan - Photographer behind the Largest Digital Collection of Zoanthids available in print. 

The (10) pack of prints are 8"x10" each print - they are printed on 80lb paper and can be framed as if - or altered to fit a specific frame you have in mind for the space.

The featured zoanthid prints are as follows:  Yellow Blastards, Candy Apple, Eagle Eyes, Golden Midas, Lakers, Pink Candies, Purple Paly, Rasta, Toxic Zombies, and Twizzlers.

Zoanthids (Zoanthus sp.), more frequently referred to as Zoas, are a part of a large classification of soft corals.  Zoanthids are the largest genius of soft corals and are the most colorful with an extremely large range of colors and patterns. 

This soft coral is like a floral ground covering such as Blue Daze or Honeysuckle.  The polyps are very adapting in self-protection and will close at the slightest movement within the water.  This has made this species less noticeable in the wild as the closed version is non-noteworthy.   However, within the aquarium industry, this coral has stolen the show.  With the variety of patterns and colors seen within this species, it is no wonder this coral has become the most sought after, the most aquacultured and a prominent star among reef hobbyists.